Suffolk Police descend on Babylon park after severed leg, two arms discovered


Update: Suffolk police have discovered a second severed arm close to where the first was originally spotted in Babylon.

“When we were finishing processing the scene (by the arm), we brought a cadaver dog back,” Suffolk Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer told reporters around 6 p.m. “The cadaver dog found another arm. We have the right arm and the left arm. The right was found about 20-feet further into the woods from where the left arm (was), almost a direct line.”

Beyrer said the police are still searching the park, including clearing brush where the leg was spotted.

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A female student walking to class Thursday morning made a shocking discovery in Babylon.

At 8:41 a.m., she stumbled upon a severed left arm near Southards Pond Park, a family-friendly recreational area known for its large fishing pond and scenic nature trails. The arm was found in the brush on the west side of Siegal Boulevard, between Park Avenue and Mason Avenue, Suffolk police confirmed to Greater Long Island.

The student promptly called her parents, who then contacted the police.

Greater Long Island has acquired a photo of the severed arm from a source but has decided not to publish it due to its graphic nature. In the photo, the arm is severed just above the bicep, and it appears that at least three fingertips were also severed from the hand. At least three tattoos can be seen in the photo: one on the bicep, one on the forearm, and another on the back of the hand.

At this moment, the gender of the victim is unclear, but the incident is being investigated by Suffolk’s homicide unit, police say.

“Ultimately an expert will make that determination, but it does not appear (the arm) was there a long time,” Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer told reporters at the scene.

Subsequently, during a search by the police around 1:30 p.m., a canine unit detected a severed leg protruding from a pile of leaves in a wooded area on the other side of the park, specifically on Graham Place between Beverly Road and Martin Place. The leg was located approximately a mile from where the arm was found. It is unclear currently if the two body parts are from the same person or not.

“That’s just really, really crazy. Terrible,” said one neighbor who lives across from the crime scene at Siegal Boulevard. “It’s mostly quiet here. Kids playing. They got the dog park. The only time I’ve ever seen activity is when they hold events on Main Street.”

The Village of Babylon has since closed the park as the investigation continues, and issued this statement to residents on Facebook on Thursday:

“… Please be advised that Southards Park is closed at this time by the Suffolk County Police Department. An investigation is currently going on and upon further information, details will be released. Southards Park is closed until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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Above photos were taken at 4:48 p.m. on Park Avenue looking north down Siegal Boulevard. (GLI Photo/Mike White)

Additional reporting by Nicholas Esposito and Michael White.

Top: Road closure at Siegal Boulevard by Southards Pond Park. (Credit: GLI Photo/Mike White)

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