PSEG LI to reimburse customers for spoiled foods, medicine caused by Tropical Storm Isaias outage


PSEG announced on Monday its plans to expand its claims policy for Long Island customers who experienced electrical service disruption due to Tropical Storm Isaias.

Over 420,000 Long Island lost power the storm ripped through the area earlier this month, knocking down countless power lines and trees.

Some were left powerless for days, which is why PSEG will now begin reimbursing residential and commercial customers who had food and medication spoiled because of the lack of electricity.

According to PSEG, people with outages lasting at least 72 hours, between Aug. 4 and Aug. 12, can receive the following:

  • Residential: Food reimbursement up to $250
  • Commercial: Food reimbursement up to $5,000

For spoiled medicine, customers can also be reimbursed up to $300.

The power company requests an itemized list and proof of loss for claims over $150. This includes either cash register tapes, store or credit card receipts, canceled checks, or photographs of spoiled items. All commercial claims must provide a proof of loss.

“We recognize that losing power in August, together with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, was a hardship for many of our customers,” said PSEG Long Island president and COO, Daniel Eichhorn. “Given the unique combination of circumstances, we believe the right thing to do is to expand our claims process to ease the burden on the customers most impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias.”

To submit a claim, visit The claims can’t be processed over the phone.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 16. Reimbursement can take up to 60 days, says PSEG Long Island.

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