Riverhead’s Peconic Bay Medical Center recognizes three lifesaving EMS heroes


Peconic Bay Medical Center recognized three EMS members of the Ridge Fire Department for their life-saving efforts.

Last spring, the fire department responded to a call of a person who sustained a significant laceration on their forearm, which caused serious bleeding.

Paramedics Matthew Mauro, Joanna Guerrero, and driver Arthur Vansicklen quickly took action to control the bleeding and transport the patient to the medical center’s emergency department.

In the 16 minutes they were on the scene, the crew reassessed the patient’s pressure dressing, placed a tourniquet to the affected extremity, and successfully controlled the bleeding, according to the hospital.

Once transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center (PBMC), the patient showed significant blood loss, decreased pulse pressure and an increased heart rate.

However, due to the responsive work of the EMS workers, the patient remained stable and was discharged the next day.

PBMC noted that uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death related to trauma, which makes Mauro, Vansicklen and Guerrero’s actions so deserving of acknowledgment.

“We are so honored to recognize these three talented EMS workers for the amazing work they did on that day,” said Dr. Amy Loeb, executive director of Peconic Bay Medical Center.

“It was due to their quick action and knowledge in the field that ultimately saved this patient’s life, and for that, PBMC and the whole community thanks each of you,” she added.

Top: (L-R) Lindsey Quinnell, RN Trauma Program manager, Amy Loeb, executive director of Peconic Bay Medical Center, Joanna Guerrero, paramedic, Matt Mauro, paramedic, John Boyd, Ridge FIre Department district manager, Wesley Phillips, chief of Ridge Fire Department, Jason Groff, Northwell CEMS paramedic supervisor & PBMC EMS liaison. Photo courtesy of Peconic Bay Medical Center.

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