She’s bringing her Instagram-famed ‘Chonky Cookies’ to Lindenhurst


From quarantine hobby to full-time passion, Heather Friedfertig is bringing her “chonky” cookies to Lindenhurst.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Friedfertig, 24, had lost both of her jobs, and used her love of baking to cure her quarantine boredom. 

After making her cookies for friends and family for some time, it was suggested that she start an Instagram account.

And it all blew up from there.

She started Chonky Cookies as an online business only, and orders were taken through Instagram DMs every Monday.

“When I first started, my oven only had one working rack and I had 150 cookies to make a night,” Friedfertig said. “So it’s definitely a passion.”

Friedfertig says her messages were “exploding,” and things got so crazy that she and her mom had to make a website and rent out commercial kitchen space in Farmingdale.

But now the Wantagh native is moving from her kitchen to Chonky Cookies’ new storefront at 646 North Wellwood Ave. in Lindenhurst.

“This spot was originally a bakery, so it was perfect because it’s already set up for us,” she said. “Now we’re just gutting it out and making it all new.”

The name for the large-sized cookies speaks for itself as they are in fact “chonky.” 

Some of the flavors include Cookies and Cream which is stuffed with an oreo cookie, the Bada Bing which is stuffed with a rainbow cookie, and Lucky Chonks that is filled with Lucky Charms. 

“Everyone’s been so kind to us and super excited,” Friedfertig said. “Since we announced Lindenhurst, the response has been more than I could imagine — it makes me so happy.”

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Chonky Cookie’s rainbow cookie (credit:@nassau_bites)

Chonky Cookies is aiming to open around Memorial Day weekend.

She adds that Chonky Cookies will also continue to participate in local food events, like Food Truck Fridays in Levittown, which people can stay updated on by following their Facebook Page.

“I didn’t expect for it to go to these lengths,” Friedfertig said. “I just couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out with Chonk and I hope it continues to go this way. My mom has been such a huge help, and I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends.”

Top: Heather Friedfertig outside of Chonky Cookies’ new storefront in Lindenhurst (Credit: @chonky_cookies on Instagram).