An inside look at the Origin of Era boutique in Bay Shore


Downtown Bay Shore is the next home for Origin of Era.

The woman’s clothing store — which sells small-batch, independent, female-only brands — is launching tomorrow, Nov. 25, at 90 West Main Street.

Over the last few months, store owner Renee Goldfarb has been transitioning the move from her store’s location in Port Jefferson to Bay Shore — the place she started her fashion career.

When she was 19 years old, Goldfarb worked for Special Sauce, a former clothing staple in the community. Her experience there helped pave the way to become a stylist in the fashion and entertainment industry.

She went on to later open a fashion retailer called SlapBack in Brooklyn, before eventually opening Origin of Era on the North Shore in 2019.

The Amityville resident officially closed up her spot in Port Jefferson on Sunday, and now she’s ready to get back to work on the South Shore.

“Coming back after all this time is a homecoming for me,” said Goldfarb.

While the new Bay Shore location is closer to the South Shore resident’s home, it’s also a larger space at 1,200 square feet.

“Everything about this location felt right,” she said. “The vibe, the energy, the landlord all made it feel like home already.”

The layout of the store consists of racks and shelves in the front with changing stations near the back, as well as an alteration room and office in the far back.

Scroll down to see a sneak peek of the inside.