So Sveglio Espresso Bar opens in downtown Lindenhurst this winter


Anthony Giordano is a self-taught espresso connoisseur.

He’s always had a thing for espresso. Now he is transforming his event business into a café in downtown Lindenhurst.

So Sveglio Espresso Bar, which fittingly means “so awake” in Italian, started as a concept roughly two years ago — as an espresso cart that Giordano would work at parties, weddings and christenings. 

When the 35-year-old was previously working nights in Brooklyn, he would often get a quick bite or his coffee fix at Italian cafés. 

“Espresso, espresso, espresso, constantly, and everybody [at work] was like ‘what are you drinking?’ Giordano joked. “I would get them all hooked on espresso.” 

Giordano said he saw Lindenhurst’s downtown going through its revitalization, and when the landlord of a vacant nail salon — located at 124 South Wellwood Avenue — contacted him about the open storefront, he knew he needed to jump at the opportunity. 

He said he wants to bring an old-fashioned coffee shop downtown, where he would mainly serve espresso the classic Italian way: one ounce in a cup, for instance. And no gimmicky stuff, such as the Americanized frappé.

“Local places are cool, but these chains just ruin it,” Giordano said. “You go to Starbucks and get a 20-ounce cappuccino, that doesn’t even exist — I wanted to stick to the traditional way of espresso-based drinks.” 

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Anthony Giordano, owner of So Sveglio Espresso Bar

Giordano gets his ingredients from a local Brentwood roaster, Savor Coffee

The espresso itself is from Italy and is served as a shot, or if you need a stronger pick-me-up, a double-shot. 

“The golden creme on the top, you want to be able to scoop that out,” Giordano said.

In addition to coffee, customers can also enjoy some gelato and bakery items. 

He said he hopes to grow the business as much as possible by expanding his reach with the parties and possibly opening more physical locations in the future. 

The village has been helpful during the construction process, and very welcoming to the new coffee spot, the owner said.

The espresso buff says he is excited to start his business in the up-and-coming village. 

“They are definitely very business-friendly in the village,” he said. 

Top: So Sveglio Espresso Bar’s gelato case,. (Courtesy: Anthony Giordano)