Three Village Dads pledge $100,000 to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital


What started in 2013 as a go-to Facebook group for dads has now grew into a foundation dedicated to giving back. 

Two years ago, the founders of Three Village Dads Facebook group hosted a community BBQ as their first fundraising event.

The group raised $12,000 for Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

For Three Village Dads founder David Tracy, this proved the Facebook group was more than a “bunch of guys that like to drink beer.” 

As the page racked up more and more members over the year — now with 1,300-plus — the tight-knit group came to the conclusion that they could use their large numbers to create positive change in the Stony Brook community. 

“We have something pretty powerful here, let’s do something good with it,” Tracy said. “Let’s raise some money while we’re having fun.” 

On Wednesday, the 501c3 non-profit Three Village Dads Foundation returned to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital with another $10,000.

This is the organization’s first big check of their pledge to donate $100,000 to the center over the next five years. 

Adding up past donations, Tracy said they have already raised $30,000 towards this goal. 

With $70,000 left to raise, The Three Village Dads partnered with Hendel Wealth Management to reach their target donation faster. 

President and CEO of Hendel Wealth Management Jeffrey Hendel said supporting the community is the firm’s top priority. 

“Being a member of the Three Village Dads Foundation offered the perfect opportunity to make an even greater difference,” said Hendel. “Together, we were able to donate $10,000 in support of the extraordinary work of Stony Brook Children’s Hospital — that is something we are certainly proud to be a part of.” 

Tracy said it feels great to be able to give back to the hospital staff for all they do for their young patients. 

“Childhood illness and cancers is a terrible thing,” he said. “Any way that their lives can be improved and have the burden eased a little bit by something we do feels amazing,” Tracy said. 

Follow The Three Village Dads Foundation on Facebook or visit their website for more information on their community efforts. 

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Top: The Three Village Dads, Hendel Wealth Management presenting the first installment of their $100,000 pledge to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.