Watch: Heckscher Park employee rescues baby swan


A Heckscher Park employee saved a stuck-in-muck baby swan Tuesday — and it was all caught on camera.

In a heartwarming video clip captured in the quaint Huntington park by Kira Corcoran and posted on Facebook, park employee Jonathan D. calmly climbs over the fencing on a wooden bridge and carefully steps on large rocks to cross a stream. Once across, he scoops up the cygnet from the edge of the stream and quickly presents the little guy to the bird’s appreciative mother.

“Oh, wow. Oh my god — he’s doing acrobatics,” says one of a several onlookers on the bridge, referring to the park employee. “That’s impressive.”

The employee received applause and a round of “awws” and “yays” from the small crowd. It appears the baby bird was stuck in mud and between stones.

Click on the image below to check out the video.


Top photo: Facebook