Watch: Say ah! Feeding whales give boaters a show in Long Island waters


Open wide.

That’s exactly what a group of whales did — with their gigantic mouths — while putting on a feeding show for some boaters in Long Island waters near Montauk.

During the spectacle, one child on the boat said, “I thought they were going to eat us for a second!” Then a second kid excitedly agreed, adding, “I know! They had their mouths open.”

It all unfolded this summer in front of Instagram user Brian Walsh, who promptly posted a breathtaking video of his encounter with what appears to be as many as five whales sharing a meal with a flock of seagulls. The video has been lurking on Walsh’s Instagram account since Aug. 22, collecting nearly 200 likes and tons of views.

Walsh was with a group of boaters, including some very excited children.

“Look at the size of that blowhole,” one of the kids exclaimed.

Click on the Instagram link below to watch the whole video.

“Definitely the coolest thing I saw all day on the internet!” @b_dollin said in the comments section of the post.

“Wow! The commentary into sheer panic really does it for me 😍😍,” added @anamchez.

Images: Instagram/@walshsurf video stills