Yes, most roof damage is covered by insurance. Even ceiling stains



With storm season approaching, we checked in with Clearview Roofing & Construction with some questions about what kind of damage is covered by insurance. Scroll down to find out.

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Q: Are missing shingles covered?

A: Missing shingles are covered under wind damage, and covered by your insurance carrier.

Q: Are the stains in my ceiling covered?

A: An insurance company is responsible to cover both sheetrock and paint if there is water damage from the roof.

Q: What if a tree falls on my roof?

A: When a tree falls on a house it damages the roof shingles and more. This is also covered under insurance. 

Q: My roofer was a bum and cut corners. What can I do?

A: If your roof is leaking from an unqualified roofer that installed the roof incorrectly unfortunately the insurance company will not pay for a new roof but they will cover the inside damage.

This is why it’s always best to hire a roofer with experience and trust.

Q: My roof is old. Will the insurance company deny my claim?

A: Homeowners are often concerned that an old roof, say decades old, won’t be covered. It will! It doesn’t matter the age of the roof if you receive wind damage you are entitled to a pay-out. However, it’s best to have a qualified roofer who is competent in dealing with insurance companies to assess.


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