15 Photos: Two Morrow’s Pub in Patchogue celebrates grand reopening under new owners


Patrons old and new flocked to Patchogue’s storied Two Morrow’s Pub Monday evening for its grand reopening.

The joint shuttered its doors in 2020. Months later, Robert Morrow, who had owned the pub with his wife Sheila Morrow since 1977, passed away.

Sheila Morrow offered Rocco Morabito, a longtime patron and friend, and his partner, retired Long Island Rail Road employee Spiro Papanikolatos, the chance to helm the pub many believe received one of Suffolk County’s first liquor licenses.

On Monday, the new owners welcomed their first patrons.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity the Murrow family gave us to open the place up,” Papanikolatos said. “I know there were a couple of people who wanted to buy it, but they chose us. Rocco has a friendship with the family and they knew that he would continue the tradition.”

Hardly anything has changed. Passersby will recognize the pub’s iconic German gothic facade at 300 E. Main St., while patrons drink at the matching bar. Two Morrow’s menu also remains in tact, including the “Piggy Platter,” a burger bearing Robert’s nickname, “Piggy,” topped with a choice of cheese, cooked onions, mushrooms, bacon and a side of fries.

“We did a lot of work to the place, a lot of thought went into it, to preserve the tradition of the last two families that owned this place,” Papanikolatos said. “If you look around, we have pictures of the last two families that have been here, the Reidys and the Morrows.”

Morabito, the longtime owner of Rocco’s Pizza & Pasta at 253 Medford Ave. in Patchogue, said the necessary alterations were updates to the nearly eight-decades-old building’s ceiling, restrooms and dining room floor.

‘He’d absolutely love it’

Among the swarm of patrons Monday night was Sheila Morrow’s brother, Gerard Tilton, who tended bar at the pub for more than 30 years.

“She loves these guys,” Tilton said of his sister’s friendship with the pub’s new owners. “Rocco’s been a customer here for 30 years, they’re both great guys. They’re gonna do well here.”

“He’d absolutely love it,” Tilton added of how Robert might feel about the pub’s reopening. “He loved the idea of everybody getting together, enjoying a cocktail or two.”

GreaterPatchogue peaked inside Two Morrow’s Pub for a firsthand look at the joint under Morabito and Papanikolatos. Scroll down to view the photos, and click on the numbered boxes to see them all.


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