5 signs your child needs a tutor; some might surprise you

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Signs your child needs a tutor aren’t always obvious. 

Parents might blame something like immediate fatigue after school on hormones, for instance, when really their teenager or middle schooler is feeling overwhelmed or burning energy trying to keep up.

Sure, slipping grades is the biggie, and leads our the list of five signs to look for. But even a child’s attitude could mean he or she needs help. If you’re a parent, keep reading. 

These are five signs that might indicate your child needs more help than what they’re getting at home or in the classroom, brought to you by the experts at Long Island Tutorial Services.

1. A dip in grades

If you notice that your child’s grades are beginning to slip, it’s time to sit down and have a chat about the cause. And, in most cases, it’s because they are struggling to keep up with the material of certain subjects or projects. This is where a private tutor could help, as your student could get one-on-one attention for any topic they seem to least understand.

2. Losing interest in completing work

Often, if a younger student struggles to keep up with what they’re being taught, they’ll actively avoid completing the necessary homework and assignments. This low interest in schoolwork or lack of motivation for studying and doing homework can cause grades to slip significantly! That’s where a tutor could come in to bring a new and more positive perspective to the subject and work. 

3. Getting tired quickly

One clear sign of schoolwork fatigue is if your child is always tired after getting home from school, even though they sleep at least eight hours every night. They might have been struggling to keep up with the teachings, using all their energy by the end of the day. 

4. Changes in attitude

If you notice an attitude change when your son or daughter comes home from school, especially if they used to be happy all the time, it could be a clear indication that school is taking a toll on them. 

If they seem frustrated with their assignments, it’s easy for their frustration to spill over into other areas of life, such as social skills and behavior at home. 

A tutor can help pull them out of this defeated attitude. 

5. Missing school often

A key sign to look out for is when your child starts missing school more often than usual for any reason. Your child may be missing too many days of school because he or she can’t stay focused on the lesson. They may not understand what the teacher is teaching, which means they need help from someone who does know what’s going on.

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