Rollin Birdies food truck coming to Birdies in Patchogue in May


Brunch, lunch and dinner will roll up to Birdies‘ beer garden next month by way of the golf simulation joint’s new food truck, Rollin Birdies.

Birdies announced a Thursday, May 19, projected opening for its very own meals on wheels.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with our buddies @rollinghostli to create our very own food truck with a totally unique menu,” the restaurant posted on its social media accounts. “This will be the new food option at @BirdiesPatchogue available for brunch, lunch and dinner.”

Swinging and swigging customers will be able to order from the truck’s menu, and a server will deliver their meal right to them.

Birdies opened on South Ocean Avenue, just south of Main Street in downtown Patchogue, in February, providing a recreational entertainment service previously untapped in Patchogue. It mixes a virtual/actual golf experience with golf themed-drinks and sleek aesthetics.

The joint currently offers chicken wings, Bavarian pretzels, burgers and other popular bar food items. Guests can enjoy their eats while swinging real clubs, whacking real balls at projections of over 150 real-world golf courses in their own private simulator area.

Top: Rollin Birdies food truck, courtesy of Birdies Patchogue Facebook page.