Where you can grab yourself a ridiculous milkshake on Long Island


Flo’s Luncheonette

38 West Main Street, Patchogue

Flo’s is all set up in its brand-new Patchogue location, and things have been buzzing since its Oct. 27 opening.

Chef Jay Tepper describes it as a “modernized” version of the first Flo’s, which dates to 1926 in Blue Point. And the staff is keeping up with the times by throwing in some unexpected milkshake twists – like infusing them with alcohol.

That’s right, you can be a kid again and get a little buzz at the same time over at Flo’s.

“As soon as we walk through the dining room with a shake, people’s eyes just light up,” Tepper says. “One of our shakes has a whole black & white cookie on top. It’s definitely a wow-factor compared to any other milkshake you’re going to get.”

The Salty Nuts is Flo’s #1 seller. It’s a mixture of chocolate ice cream, Baileys, Kahlúa, and chocolate covered pretzels. The rim is lined with Nutella and brownie bites and the shake is topped with Reese’s cups, chocolate sauce and a Sugar Daddy.

This is definitely a step up from your classic black & white and a great choice for striking that perfect balance of salty and sweet.

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