Where you can grab yourself a ridiculous milkshake on Long Island


Waffle Magic

80 NY-109, West Babylon

Also home to a plethora of frozen yogurt, bubble tea, acai bowls and of course, gourmet waffles, Waffle Magic is doing something so right with their fancy milkshakes.

Step into the colorful space and enjoy an even more colorful frozen treat.

Owner Chris Zhang says the two most popular shakes now are the Fruity Pebble and the P.B. Brownie – two shakes to satisfy sugar cereal lovers and chocoholics.

The Fruity Pebble is a mix of blended vanilla ice cream, fruity pebbles and milk. The cup is decorated with marshmallow sauce, topped with whipped cream and more fruity pebbles. Your mother’s worst nightmare for breakfast is back, now in shake-form.

The P.B. Brownie blends vanilla ice cream, brownie bites and milk with a decoration of fresh peanut butter sauce, whipped cream and, yes, more brownie bites. Why have a Reese’s cup when you can have this baby?

Waffle Magic has been open for two years now and started rolling out milkshakes about a year ago.

“Each milkshake is blended to perfection. We use fat straws so the toppings can be pulled through the straw with the milkshake which then creates an extremely unique flavor!” says Zhang.

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