Where you can grab yourself a ridiculous milkshake on Long Island


Burgerology, 308 Main St, Huntington

We just had to go outside of our coverage areas for this one!

Burgerology opened up Rockville Centre about nine months ago and quickly followed that up with a Huntington location in August.

Josh Handler, their dessert director, knows the importance of not only making your shakes look amazing; they need to taste amazing as well.

That combo is what keeps people happy and coming back, he says.

The Circus is one of Burgerology’s craziest shakes. This is a cookies & cream milkshake with a vanilla frosting and mini M&M’s rim. But it doesn’t stop there. The shake is topped with a mound of fresh cotton candy, homemade whipped cream, Pop Rocks and a 4-inch colorful lollipop that spins. This thing really takes you into that playful, circus mindset.

All shakes can be served 3 different ways: in a standard, 16 oz. mason jar, a “monstrosity” 23 oz., or an edible, 14 oz. chocolate cup if you’re looking for a little extra sugar (why not at this point).

“You come and hang out with your friends, grab a drink, eat some great food and have a shake,” Handler says. “The shake is what gets everyone in the door.”

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