Where you can grab yourself a ridiculous milkshake on Long Island


Local Burger Co.

62 East Main St, Bay Shore

Where there are burgers, there are shakes.

According to co-owner Alyssa Martino, Local Burger Co. makes hundreds of milkshakes a day. The restaurant atmosphere is most lively around dinner time.

“It’s bright and fun with lots of vibrant colors and good music,” she says. “Hopefully when you come in you feel really cool. We want you to feel like a local and get treated like a local.

“And we want you to leave full with a milkshake.”

Local Burger Co. opened in May 2015 and started off with classic vanilla, chocolate and black and white shakes. Now they’re cranking out a special milkshake for each month and every Monday is buy one get one. And they’re not messing around with their seasonal flavors.

S’mores is one of their best-looking shakes and comes out every July.

It’s a classic chocolate shake lined with tons of chocolate syrup and topped with a mound of marshmallow fluff and graham cracker.

Martino says you need a spoon for this baby because it’s a lot to handle.

“It really has that summer camp feeling.”

Here’s What’s coming up this winter at Local Burger:

December: Chocolate Peppermint / January: Frozen Hot Cocoa / February: Red Velvet / March: Shamrock

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