Christian Guardino advances to Top 14 on ‘American Idol’


The fans have spoken.

Patchogue native Christan Guardino has won the hearts of viewers and is now one of the Top 14 contestants on Season 20 of “American Idol.”

The performer received enough votes from America to advance to the Top 10, while the other four votes for the Top 14 were decided by the celebrity judges.

After securing his spot, Guardino sang “Creep” by Radiohead and reflected on what the lyrics meant to him.

“‘I don’t belong here, I don’t belong here…’ it makes me think, oh hell yeah I belong here,” Guardino said.

Family and friends gathered at PeraBell in Patchogue, the restaurant Guardino’s uncle co-owns, on Monday night to cheer the singer on.

Guardino’s mom, Beth, couldn’t help but be on edge of her seat waiting to hear if her son advanced to the next round.

She said in comparison to when Guardino first shared his gift of singing with the world at 16 years old on Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent,” he has completely transformed as a performer.

And his confidence comes through the television screen, Beth said.

“This whole experience has been so different, he left us and we’re seeing a difference in him,” Beth said. “We’re stunned to tears when we watch him…I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he’s doing this all on his own — I think he is feeling so liberated and empowered.”

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Christian Guardino’s mom, Beth, and other supports waiting to see if the singer made it to the Top 14.

His mother continued to say how much of an impact he is making through his vocal talents.

“I think he might be starting to accept he has a real true gift, he’s very humble,” Beth said. “The messages that he is getting from people — someone messaged him saying they were in a really bad place and he saved their life.”

“He has something so special in him, it comes out naturally and people see it,” she added. “This is just complete proof and affirmation that he is meant to do this.”

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