Donations help in creating Southside Hospital’s new entrance, lobby


Southside Hospital’s brand new entrance and lobby are now open to the public.

Thanks to a donation from the Bohlsen Family, who have a long history of supporting the Bay Shore hospital, Southside was able to complete the $1.4 million project.

The new renovations included an expanded 5,140-square-foot lobby, which increased in size by 25 percent. In that newly designed space, there is new furniture and a café and coffee bar, which serves Starbucks coffee.

Another amenity in the lobby is the addition of Vivo Health Pharmacy, which will be serving patients and visitors who seek prescriptions.

“We really focused on the details while planning the lobby’s renovation to create a relaxing environment for patients and visitors,” said Anthony Pellicone, associate executive director of operations at Southside Hospital. “The front entrance conveys a posh hotel vibe while offering a calming atmosphere. That’s a crucial first impression for someone to experience as they enter Southside Hospital.”

With Southside Hospital’s location nearby the Great South Bay, designers created all-new front doors that will block wind from entering the building.

For security, Southside added glass turnstiles that allow patients and visitors to scan badges to safely enter the hospital.

In the creation of this project, the Southside’s chapel was moved to the hallway near the cafeteria.

Top: Courtesy photo of Southside Hospital’s all-new lobby and entrance.