Foodie Card donates nearly $3K from discount card sales to Island Harvest


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Foodie Card is fast becoming the most popular restaurant discount card serving the tri-state area. Founded by Long Islanders, the company’s mission has always been about giving back.

Last week, Foodie Card did so again, with a $2,750 check for Island Harvest Food Bank.

The money couldn’t come at a better time, with people in the throes of the coronavirus outbreak struggling even more-so with food insecurity.

“To adhere to social distancing while maintaining our commitment to feeding those less fortunate, we made our donation to Island Harvest via video conference,” said Foodie Card CEO Jared Katz. (See photo below.)

For every Foodie Card purchased, a day of meals is donated.

“We’re ready to do more,” Katz told Greater Long Island. “Starting today and through the second quarter of this year, we’ll be doubling our donation on all sales — new members and renewals — which will allow us to feed two people per day instead of one.”

So what is Foodie Card and how does it work?

The company was launched in 2018 by Neil Foster, who started the Tri-State Restaurant Group, along with Ryan Alovis.

Both men are from Roslyn. Katz, from Syosset, came on board earlier this year. The goal all along has been serving the less fortunate, they say.

That, and helping drive traffic to local restaurants.

The card costs $29.99 for the year and is good for 10% off all participating restaurants and takeout businesses across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. There are no restrictions on days, times or frequency of use, other than a few select holidays.

Get $15 off your Foodie Card order today using coupon code GREATER at checkout. Click here to order. By purchasing Foodie Card, you’ll be feeding 2 people for an entire day = 6 total meals donated. You’ll also be getting 10% off at over 250 takeout restaurants in-and-around Long Island.

Though things got rolling in Nassau first, there’s been a huge surge in the number of restaurants participating here in Suffolk County.

“Now we have nearly 200 restaurants in Suffolk County,” Katz said. “Suffolk has been our big push since Jan. 1. We have right now about 675 restaurants in total.”

250 of those locations are currently honoring the Foodie Card 10% discount for takeout, though it cannot be combined with other offers.

Foodie Card has donated enough for over 20,000 meals since 2018, all through localized food bank services such as Island Harvest, which is Long Island’s largest.

“We wanted to ensure that members felt like they were contributing directly to helping people locally,” Katz said. “So we always find proper charities that are closer to home.”

 “Our partnership with Foodie Card continues to grow and provide essential food support to people on Long Island who face a daily struggle with hunger and food insecurity,” said Randi Shubin Dresner, the president and CEO of Island Harvest Food Bank. 

“We’re grateful to Foodie Card and their participants for their ongoing caring and generosity, and the positive impact in the lives of the people we serve,” she added.

To adhere to social distancing while maintaining their commitment to feeding those less fortunate, Food Card’s Jared Katz made the company’s quarterly donation to Island Harvest Food Bank via video conference.