From truck to storefront. Vice Doughnuts & Coffee opens in Massapequa


First, it was the joy in spotting the bright yellow truck that sent fumes of fried dough wafting through the Long Island air.

Then, it was experiencing that first bite and planning your next order for Vice Doughnuts & Coffee.

Joe and Gina O’Brien always wanted to open a treat shop. With the cupcake and cookie craze still as popular as ever, the husband-and-wife duo decided on doughnuts back in 2020.

Jesse Lyons, O’Brien’s brother-in-law and company manager, said the fluffy round treat is “classic” and that “you can never go wrong with a doughnut.”

And while their food truck has become somewhat iconic in the Farmingdale area especially, customers found it difficult to locate and determine Vice’s hours of operation.

It was like waiting for the ice cream man.

That’s when Vice Doughnuts & Coffee decided it was time for a more permanent location. Last month, the team opened their first brick-and-mortar location at 917 N. Broadway in Massapequa.

“It’s definitely nice to be in one spot,” Lyons said. “Our family runs another business right down the road in Farmingdale, so it’s very close to us and Massapequa seemed like a good fit.”

In addition to delicious doughnuts baked fresh every morning — top sellers are the cinnamon sugar-coated churro doughnut, peanut butter crunch doughnut, and traditional strawberry frosted doughnut — Vice proudly serves Long Island’s Southdown Coffee in hot, iced, and cold brew options. Various espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos are also available.

An Oreo Doughnut fresh off the Vice truck. (courtesy)

“Doughnuts are a traditional dessert,” Lyons said. “It’s a simple fried piece of dough with frosting on top. All of our standard doughnuts are vegan by default, and we offer gluten-free doughnuts for anybody who follows that lifestyle.”

The thoughtfulness and customer care that goes into ingredients sets Vice Doughnuts & Coffee apart from other dessert shops, the team says. In addition to the cake doughnuts being vegan, the store is in the process of getting a second fryer to accommodate people with Celiacs Disease.

“We try to cater to those type of crowds, because it’s not every day they get a good dessert like everyone else,” said Lyons.

With a new flavor every month and seasonal favorites throughout the year, Broadway’s newest business has already resonated with locals who now know exactly where to find something sweet.

Just look for the bright yellow awning and step up to the window.

Also, the truck is still operating and available for parties.

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Vice Doughnuts & Coffee opened last month at 917 N. Broadway in Massapequa. (Jennifer Fauci)

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Top: Joe and Gina O’Brien and their family outside the food truck in June 2021. (Andrew Theodorakis)