Great Eats: Alexandros Kitchen & Bar brings a new concept to Smithtown’s dining scene


Alexandros Kitchen & Bar, known as AKB, is one of Smithtown’s newest restaurants to join Main Street’s dining scene.

Launched in Fall 2019, the Mediterranean-American fusion restaurant at 65 East Main Street is the fourth restaurant to settle in that location over a 100 year period. 

AKB owner Manny Salgado from Miller Place says he team fell in love with Smithtown about four or five years ago. They bought the location, which was the previous spot of the popular Italian restaurant Butera’s.

“Most of the restaurants that are in Smithtown have been staples for 20 years,” Salgado said. “They have longevity, so we really wanted to be positioned in the heart of Smithtown. It took three years to convince Butera’s to sell their restaurant, so when that space opened up, we were pretty excited and ambitious to get the spot.”

AKB’s menu is based on the Mediterranean diet with dishes ranging from Italian to Spanish to Greek to Portuguese. The menu offers a variety of salads, seafood, and pita sandwiches, and includes Mediterranean dishes like saganaki, vegetable moussaka, and pastitsio.

(Click here to see AKB’s full menu.)  

Not only does AKB offer a fusion of their cuisine, but they also create a fusion with their cozy-meets-fine dining atmosphere. Salgado says he wanted to make a restaurant where all are welcome and comfort is a priority.

“AKB to us is home away from home,” Salgado said. “We built this restaurant for everybody to have a fine dining experience that doesn’t feel snobby. You can come in wearing a gym outfit or a suit, and sit down and enjoy your meal.” 

Salgado adds that AKB’s waitstaff is a big part of what makes AKB feel like a family and creates a home for locals.

Although times have been tough with COVID-19, Salgado says they’ve still managed to become that home and make a lot of friends along the way.

AKB hopes to become a staple in the Smithtown community and keep meeting new faces in the future.

“The best part about owning a restaurant is meeting all new people and really becoming friends with them,” Salgado said. “Every week we have our repeat customers and we hear stories about their families and what’s going on in their lives, and that’s our favorite part about AKB.”

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