Greater Long Island sees banner month with nearly 700,000 page views


More than 522,000 unique visitors headed to in November for their local news, registering 680,560 website page views in the process.

That was good for a record month of traffic for Long Island’s fastest-growing news organization. The previous record was set in September, with 609,821 views from 454,998 unique visitors. October saw over 550,000 page views.

Greater Long Island is on track to tally around 6.6 million page views in 2023 alone. In 2022, the site reached just over 4.6 million views.

“That’s a 43 percent jump in traffic from year to year,” said Michael White, who started the company as in 2015 before bringing the “Greater” brand of news to other towns and eventually all Long Island.

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“I believe our push into Nassau and the loyalty among our professional team of reporters — which Long Islanders are coming to know and appreciate — is what’s fueling this tremendous growth.

“That, and some really great writing and storytelling that any would-be competitors just can’t match.”

The Greater Long Island team is made up of seasoned journalists from national and regional newsrooms such as the Daily News, New York Post, News 12 Long Island, ESPN and other big outlets.

The company is also dedicated to undertaking important video feature projects, such as the story of Keith Thomas of Massapequa, who in 2020 became paralyzed after a diving accident. In March, Thomas became the first person in the world to participate in a clinical trial that aims to restore sensation and even movement. Click here to watch his remarkable story.

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But it’s the advertisers, especially local businesses, who make all this journalistic work possible, as the site’s content is free to readers, White noted. “On the advertising side, Greater Long Island offers per-dollar exposure and engagement for local businesses that cannot be matched, even by paid social media,” he said.

“We’re proud of what we do to help our communities grow, thrive and better understand one another,” added GLI’s editorial director, Nick Esposito. “Every day, we’re covering great and wonderfully constructive things going on across the island, both in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

“We want to help make Long Island a better place to live for all of us — through storytelling.”

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