If you’re sick of Starbucks, here are five great Long Island coffee shops for you


Druthers (Stony Brook)

Druthers’ Espresso and Fever Tree Tonic (credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images)

Druthers opened in the summer of 2020 in Stony Brook.

It’s run by Kathryne and Kevin Piazzola, their son Zachary Russell and son-in-law Michael Buchholz. 

Each partner brings something different to the space due to their varying backgrounds.

Kathryne, who had worked at Stony Brook University for 20 years, noticed something missing from the area. She teamed up with her husband, who helped build the space, her son Russell, a designer by trade, and his partner Buchholz, who had experience in hospitality. 

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Kathryne Piazzola alongside son Zachary Russell and son-in-law Michael Buchholz (credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images)

“We brought all of our backgrounds together to create a space that elevates the breakfast experience without making it feel fussy,” said Buccholz.

Iced Burnt Caramel Latte with Macadamia Milk (credit: credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images)

Located on North Country Road in Stony Brook, Druthers quickly became a go-to location for Stony Brook University students and staffers to stop before or after class to do work or catch up with friends.

Druthers makes all of its syrups in-house, and the menu changes seasonally.

“We do all of the classics and then infuse a little bit of creativity into them,” said Buccholz.

Russell is more on the baking side, while Buchholz works with the baristas. The design concept is clean with modern elements.

Piazzola recommended to us the Iced Burnt Caramel Latte with Macadamia Milk. This is iced coffee with a twist. The caramel is made in-house using brown sugar, cream, butter, and salt. The latte itself contains a double shot of espresso and a hefty dose of caramel and milk of your choice. The trio recommends using macadamia milk for that extra creaminess. And check out this B.E.C.!

Credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images

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