If you’re sick of Starbucks, here are five great Long Island coffee shops for you


Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea (Smithtown)

Sweetwaters’ Creme Caramel Latte (credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images)

Sweetwaters is located at 200 West Main Street in Smithtown and is one of 40 locations. Wei and Lisa Bee opened the first Sweetwaters in Michigan 30 years ago, and they haven’t looked back. 

Jeffrey Wong from Port Jefferson Station is the owner and manager in Smithtown, alongside Chris Varvaro and Lou Puleo. Wong notes that what makes this shop unique is that the community drives it.

People come in every day with smiles and seem to enjoy the space, and all of the artwork on the walls is made by local artists, said Wong.

In addition, the shop is known for its coffee, stylish decor, and impressive chalkboard art that features a giant dragon.

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Credit: Andrew Theodorakis/ Yellow House Images

Wong said that the mission is to be real ingredient-focused, with more simple ingredients

Wong recommends trying the French Vietnamese, a French Chicory coffee brewed over sweetened condensed milk. ​This drink is unique for its combination of Asian and French notes. See it below.

French Chicorary coffee (credit:

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