Islanders ‘Fisherman’ logo returns for new Reverse Retro jersey


Hate it or love it, the Fisherman is back.

The polarizing logo will once again be worn by the New York Islanders.

The new jersey is part of the NHL’s Reverse Retro alternate jersey program that honors team’s history with a throwback look. Adidas did this two years ago and brought it back by popular demand. The 2020 Reverse Retros for the Isles were jerseys that paid homage to the 1980’s dynasty.

Now it’s the old sea captain’s turn to get some love.

see the Islanders’ full jersey reveal below

The launch of the original Fisherman design was a disaster when it replaced the iconic blue and orange jerseys back in 1995. The logo is also very similar to the Gorton’s fisherman. Opposing teams had fun with that, calling the team fish sticks. The jersey only lasted until 1997.

But now it has new life. And the original response has been positive:

ESPN ranked the jersey as the No. 11 best Reverse Retro design. Not too shabby.

The Isles will wear the Fisherman six times. The first will be Dec. 10 against Carolina. The other games are Dec. 23 against Florida, Dec. 27 against Pittsburgh, Jan. 12 against Minnesota, Jan. 21 against Carolina and Jan. 28 against Vegas.

Want to grab a jersey? The team is running a presale, now until Nov. 14. Visit to place an order.

Top: The Fisherman redesign the Islanders will wear six times as part of the NHL’s new Reverse Retro jersey alternates. (Credit: