Islip approves special permit for Buttermilk’s Kitchen in Bay Shore


The first Buttermilk’s Kitchen opened in 2018 in Patchogue. Now the luncheonette owners are looking to expand to downtown Bay Shore.

During its meeting Wednesday evening, the Islip Town Planning Board approved an application for a special permit for a 78-seat Buttermilk’s Kitchen on East Main Street near Second Avenue, on the north side

The proposed Buttermilk’s location.

Little is known as of yet about the newly approved restaurant space, such as any projected construction or opening dates, hours or menus. The Buttermilk’s in Patchogue serves up breakfast and lunch staples seven days a week. For breakfast, the place cranks out grits, pancakes, omelettes, chicken and waffles and mimosas. For lunch, it serves burgers, grilled cheeses and its signature chicken sandwich.

There are still details the applicants must iron out with the town, chiefly the building’s eastward-facing façade. The approximately 120-year-old, two-story building currently has a flat, sort of beige and monochromatic façade partially obscured by mature shrubbery on the east side, facing the United Methodist Church.

Steven Bertolino, an East Islip attorney who represented Buttermilk’s at Wednesday’s meeting, said the applicants hope to improve its appearance. Bertolino said multiple colors, stucco and other textured materials as well as window wrappings are under consideration to give the building a more three dimensional appeal.

Bertolino and board members discussed various materials and budgetary concerns before agreeing that both sides must discuss the issue further, following the conditional approval.

During construction, three large windows at booth-level would be installed to provide more natural light to the inside of the restaurant.

GreaterBayShore did reach out to owners of Buttermilk’s Kitchen for comment.

Top: Photo courtesy of Buttermilk’s Kitchen’s webpage.

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of seats approved.]