Long Island’s first D.P. Dough location is coming to Stony Brook


Update: D.P. Dough opened in September of 2018 in Stony Brook.

Original post: The popular calzone franchise D.P. Dough is getting set to open its first-ever location on Long Island.

Returning college students who fell in love with D.P. Dough while away at school have Mount Sinai resident Michael Frey to thank.

Frey, who first had D.P. Dough as a teenager in Ithaca, was wowed by the restaurant’s concept so much that he wanted to bring it back to his hometown.

“I was in love with the D.P. Dough location in Ithaca,” said Frey.

Fast forward nearly 20 years later, his very own D.P. Dough location is in the works for Stony Brook.

Frey, 36, is familiar with the area, having gone to Stony Brook Preparatory School. That, and his father is a mathematics professor at SBU.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring D.P. Dough to Stony Brook,” he said.

But Frey may think differently than many Long Islanders when it comes to Italian staples — and it’s the same line of thinking the D.P. Dough founders had.

“I think [calzones are] better than pizza,” he said.

Frey believes pizza is over-marketed, while designer calzones aren’t as readily available and can be more versatile.

“It’s fresh dough and you can add any ingredient you want,” he explained.

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Two years ago, Frey purchased the commercial property at 1007 Route 25A for his calzone venture.

He believes the college students and residents alike are going to become infatuated with the food that caught him so long ago.

As of now, Frey is aiming for a tentative grand opening [update: in late summer]. To celebrate, he will be giving one free take-out calzone to anyone who visits for the opening.

Top: The future D.P. Dough location, Long Island’s first, in Stony Brook

(Credit: Nicholas Esposito) 

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