Must-see: LI photog captures stunning whale footage near Long Beach


This lucky Long Islander hit the jackpot at a local whale-watching excursion.

Wildlife photographer Andrea Tramutolo reported witnessing not one, not two… but at least seven of these majestic sea creatures by Long Beach. And, she captured it all with stunning footage.

It all unfolded last month, on Nov. 12, when she boarded the Atlantic Pearl, a 100-foot super cruiser that offers whale-watching tours departing from Freeport.

Between 1-4:30 p.m., they witnessed the most whale action just west of the Jones Beach Inlet.

“There was a huge feeding frenzy happening,” she recalled. “At least seven, it was hard to count, honestly.”

Below are the incredible photos she captured during the excursion. Also, check out her Instagram video of the trip.

The Atlantic Pearl schedules these tours in the summer and fall, the optimal times for whale sightings in the region, as they typically migrate south for the winter.

For those interested in winter sea tours, the Atlantic Pearl currently offers seal-watching excursions, available until May.

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