New York Fries marks return to U.S. with 2 Long Island food court spots


What started in New York City’s South Street in 1983 before heading for Canada is returning in full-force to the U.S., starting with two Long Island store locations.

We’re talking about New York Fries. For the uninitiated, New York Fries is exactly what you might think, a French fry shop.

But, according to the company, NYF differentiates itself by cooking its freshly cut potatoes in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil using a unique, three-stage method. You then get a bunch a dips to choose from.

They also dish out hot dogs, poutine and loaded fries.

New York Fries opened at the food cart at Roosevelt Field in Garden City on Jan. 9, and is expected to open its next mall food court location at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove “this winter,” a press announcement reads.

“This New York opening marks a significant milestone for us,” says Craig Burt, chief operating officer at New York Fries. “As a brand that got its start serving three sizes of fresh-cut fries and three sizes of soda in New York City back in 1983, we’re thrilled to make our official return and bring our fry-based menu to fry-lovers across the state and eventually across the East Coast.” 

New York Fries had left the city to become a staple in food courts across Canada. The company was acquired by Recipe Restaurant Group, Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company, in 2015.

Today it has more than 100 restaurants across Canada and 25 throughout the Middle East.

There are also plans to open two more spots in the Tri-State area later this winter.

Those will be in the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, N.J.; and Newport Center in Jersey City, N.J.

Top: The New York Fries location that’s coming soon to Smith Haven Mall. (Credit: Michael White)

Credit: New York Fries

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