Northport’s Sweet Mama’s opens in old Latitude 121 in Stony Brook


After serving the Stony Brook community for over three years, Latitude 121 is no more and new tenants have reopened a second location of Northport’s popular Sweet Mama’s.

“It is more than selling food to people; it is about bringing an experience,” said Marios Patatinis, the owner of Sweet Mama’s, which is open but will celebrate a grand opening next week.

Sweet Mama’s serves breakfast through dinner daily.

Some of the dishes have a southern flair, like the eggs with grits, biscuits, and sawmill gravy, but there’s also all-American staples like bacon cheeseburgers.

“You can come and sit here with a group of five or six people and they will all order something and be happy,” said Patatinis.

Stony Brook’s Sweet Mama’s will also feature an ice cream bar at the main entrance, where people could grab designer milkshakes like the spiked salted caramel milkshake.

The spiked salted caramel milkshake at Sweet Mama’s. (credit: Facebook)

The new Sweet Mama’s on 121 Main Street will be very similar to its sister location, but with slight differences.

“We want to bring in fun options for the whole family,” said Patanisis.

Patanisis, 34, who lives in East Setauket, said the Stony Brook menu could differ from that in Northport to better serve and represent the clientele.

Sweet Mama’s will have 80 indoor seats for diners, and come springtime they will be putting 20 chairs with tables outside in their back patio.

“I always wanted to be in the Three Village,” Patanisis said.

“It is nice to give back to where you live.

Top: Sweet Mama’s owner Marios Patatinis behind the ice cream counter. (credit: Nicholas Esposito)

Editor’s note: A line from an earlier version of this story was amended for accuracy. 

Storefront of Sweet Mama’s before its sign was put up. (credit:Nicholas Esposito)
Inside seating near the ice cream bar at Sweet Mama’s of Stony Brook. (credit: Nicholas Esposito)
Dining area for patrons at 121 Main Street. (credit: Nicholas Esposito)

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