Origin of Era clothing boutique is leaving Port Jefferson


This Port Jefferson’s women’s clothing boutique is moving.

Renee Goldfarb, owner of Origin of Era located at 20 Chandler Square, said that it’s time to start new.

Her fresh start will be in Bay Shore — however the exact location hasn’t been announced yet by Goldfarb.

“When I first opened in Port Jeff, we were excited to bring in a unique store that sells small batch, independent and female designers,” she told GreaterPortJeff. “But after COVID hit, we were forced to look at what we’re doing and reevaluate.”

She opened her shop in Port Jefferson a couple years ago during the winter.

In March, Goldfarb shifted gears. She began selling her inventory online and through social media until she was able to reopen in Phase 2 of New York’s reopening plan. Her sales at Origin began to evolve into an intimate and personal one-on-one shopping experience.

“Every customer who comes in becomes a regular because they become a friend,” she said.

And this was great for the store’s start in the village. Being a tourist community, Goldfarb met tons of people who have come back time after time as returning customers.

But in recent months, she decided it was time for a change.

“Port Jeff is beautiful as it is,” she said. “I felt like a store like mine — that’s so intimate — might not be the right fit anymore. Shopping is changing.”

So after almost two years Down Port, she decided to bring the shop to the South Shore.

“I’m originally a South Shore girl,” the Amityville native said. “And Bay Shore was somewhere where I spent a lot of time growing up.”

At 19 years old, Goldfarb began working at Bay Shore’s Special Sauce, a former clothing staple in the community. She eventually took over the Fire Island location, and ran it for a few years before taking on a career as a stylist in the fashion and entertainment industry.

“Bay Shore paved the way for me when I started at Special Sauce,” she said. “Coming back there after all this time is a homecoming for me.”

Goldfarb opened her first store in Brooklyn and stayed there for six years before opening Origin of Era in Port Jefferson. She said that when she looked to move back to the island, Bay Shore was originally going to be her first choice.

“I’m honored to be able to jump into this area with other amazing business owners,” she said. “But we wouldn’t have gotten there without Port Jeff and I appreciate it for what it was… but it’s time to go.”

Goldfarb said that September will be the last full month at the shop, and then will reduce hours to Thursdays through Sunday’s until doors close on Nov. 28.

She is looking for a Dec. 1 opening, just in time for the start of the holiday season.

For customers fond of Origin of Era, Goldfarb said that everything is going to be the same at her new location. “We won’t have vintage in the new space, but we will continue to sell small batch, independent, female-only brands,” she said. “The only thing that will feel new is the building, the shell.”

Keep checking back for updates on Origin of Era’s new address, to be announced soon.

Above photo of Origin of Era in Port Jefferson by Julianne Mosher

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