Ronkonkoma resident competes in series premier of Fox’s new ‘Domino Masters’ on March 9


Nick Greene is ready for prime time.

The Ronkonkoma carpenter of more than two decades will be featured on a new competition show, “Domino Masters,” on FOX.

The television series will feature 16 teams of three members each, facing off in a domino toppling and chain reaction tournament. The series premier, in which Greene competes, airs Wednesday, March 9, at 9 p.m. on FOX, following the season premiere of “The Masked Singer.” 

Hosted by “Modern Family” actor Eric Stonestreet, the series showcases mind-blowing masterpieces, with infinite possibilities of thousands of tiles and unique kinetic devices.

“You could do anything, whatever you could imagine,” Greene, 43, said. “There’s really no limitation.”

Greene’s team, called The Construction Crew, will topple their creations for a panel of judges that includes actress Danica McKellar (she played Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”), former NFL tight end Vernon Davis and professional domino artist Steve Price.

Putting his imagination to the test

Each week, Stonestreet gives the teams a theme to follow. Then, they must craft a story relevant to that theme, which they will express through their domino configuration.

The theme of the first episode is sports. Greene’s teammate Luke Greenway crafted the story of a father and attending football games with his son as he grows up. They started construction, while their teammate Hugh Benjamin began the domino layout.

Greene said the final build includes his idea to recreate “the wave” in stadium stands.

“As a carpenter, you’re handed a set of blueprints and someone says ‘This is what you’re doing,'” Greene said. “It was challenging in the beginning, just because I had to knock the rust out of the old imagination.”

Here’s a video preview of the new competition series

Meet the Construction Crew

Greene said he didn’t have much experience with dominos prior to the TV series. He believed FOX eyed him for his construction skills and social media posts of his more eccentric jobs, including offices for Facebook and Google.

As for Greene’s teammates, Greenway is a high school English teacher from Seattle who made a domino-like extravaganza with books to kick off a summer reading program.

Among other projects, Benjamin, a domino expert from California, designed the domino sequence seen in NSYNC’s music video for “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Greene lives with his fiancé Kerri Steinmuller and his two sons Nicholas and Garrett. He said they will invite immediate family over on Wednesday night to see him put his trade to the test.

“It was cool trying to incorporate the carpentry skills into Rube Goldberg and domino things,” Greene said. “It’s a much smaller scale than what I’m used to, and it was a lot of fun.”

Top photo: “The Wonder Years” actress and “Domino Masters” judge Danica McKellar. (Facebook)