Tacos Y Mas II in Lynbrook serving up Mexican and deli treats


After running a pair of businesses in Far Rockaway for years, Victor and Ruth Rodriguez have opened a taquería in Lynbrook.

The couple of 24 years unveiled their new Taco Y Mas II at 342 Broadway in Lynbrook in March.

Like its predecessor, Taco Y Mas II offers includes a variety of dinner entrees, from mojarra and tilapia to whole and half chickens and steak ranchero. The brand’s second location also offers breakfast tacos and burritos, a unique way commuters can order up a bacon egg and cheese, as well as omelets and waffles.

Unlike the Taco Y Mas in Far Rockaway, which has a dining room, the Lynbrook eatery is take out-focused and serves as a convenience store and full service deli. Patrons can pop into Tacos Y Mas II for a cup of coffee, snacks, cold cuts and deli sandwiches.

With the Boars Head products on hand, Victor Rodriguez said he became inspired to create some new tacos with heated cold cuts.

“The pastrami will be with horseradish, mustard and cabbage,” he said. “The roast beef, we’re going to do with sautéed onions and chipotle sauce on the side.”

Since opening, the Lynbrook eatery has served up its traditional beef, chicken, pork, steak, shrimp, fish, beef tongue and chorizo tacos fans of the Far Rockaway location have come to love. Guests can order the various tacos, topped with cilantro, onions, guacamole and radish or made supreme with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and mozzarella cheese.

Bringing Mexican eats closer to home

Victor and Ruth Rodriguez opened their Far Rockaway convenience store in 2001. At that time, Victor Rodriguez said the couple from Inwood struggled to find a nearby taco joint.

“We used to go to Queens … because there wasn’t a taco place over here,” he said. “We had the other store in Far Rockaway, a convenience store. That was where we started.

“The opportunity opened up next door, so we said we’ll open a taquería,” he continued. “Then we started researching recipes and got a chef over there.”

That opportunity arrived in 2011, and the first Tacos Y Mas was born at 1831 Mott Ave. With a decade of taqueria experience under their belt, the time arrived for the couple to expand it’s footprint.

“In the beginning, the chef came with some of the recipes, then we stared playing with it,” Victor Rodriguez said. “Now, we have some our own recipes for the birria tacos, the carne asada, the carnita, and the pastor and the lengua.”