This iconic St. James witch is finally getting her much-needed makeover


It’s happening!

Winnie the Witch, the 30-foot tall landmark that sits along Route 25A at Wicks Farm & Garden, is getting her much-needed makeover.

Back in 2021, St. James resident Victoria Johnston and her boyfriend Kenny Maher announced plans to renovate the structure, which is recognized across the states as a top roadside attraction.

Winnie has been a staple in the St. James community since she was built in 1976 for the annual Halloween experience at Wicks Farm (which no longer happens). The iconic hag has fallen in disrepair in recent years.

“It’s been redone three times, but Hurricane Sandy really took her out big time,” said Johnston.

Some of the damages include holes in the structure, a bent base, and her hat, which used to stand straight up, has fallen apart.

With the blessing of Wicks Farm owner Dave Wicks, the two started a fundraiser. Now, two years later, after raising over $15,000, Winnie’s finally getting restored.

“We just love [Winnie],” said Maher, who owns St. James Funeral Home, previously told Greater Long Island. “It’s part of the folklore in St. James.”

Maher posted on Facebook that Winnie was shipped off on Sept. 6 for repairs. She’ll be getting redone by Nesconset’s Brian Capo Design and Build.

“Let this beautiful island know that Winnie is coming!” he wrote.

Maher told Greater Long Island he hopes Winnie will be finished by Halloween. Check back with GLI for updates on Winnie the Witch’s comeback.

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Top: St. James couple Victoria Johnston and Kenny Maher back in 2021 after announcing their plans to renovate Winnie the Witch at Wicks Farms in St. James. (File – Credit: Nicholas Esposito/ GLI Photos)