Winnie the Witch returns to St. James after magical makeover


Winnie the Witch’s full-body makeover is now complete — and it’s perfectly timed.

St. James couple Victoria Johnston and Kenny Maher fulfilled their promise to restore the iconic witch after making a promise to the community in 2021. They unveiled her on Halloween at her home at Wicks Farm & Garden along Route 25A.

Winnie has been a beloved figure in the St. James community since her creation in 1976 for the annual Halloween experience at Wicks Farm (although it no longer takes place). Standing at 35 feet tall, she is recognized as a top roadside attraction across the states.

The iconic hag has fallen into disrepair in recent years.

“It’s been redone three times, but Hurricane Sandy really took a toll on her,” said Johnston.

Some of the damages included holes in the structure, a bent base, and her hat, which had fallen apart. With the blessing of Wicks Farm owner Dave Wicks, the two started a fundraiser, raising $15,000 for the restoration.

“We just love [Winnie],” said Maher, who owns St. James Funeral Home, as previously shared with Greater Long Island. “She’s a part of the folklore in St. James.”

Maher posted on Facebook that Winnie was sent off for repairs on Sept. 6. She was enhanced by Brian Capo Design and Build in Nesconset.

Top: The newly restored Winnie the Witch being unveiled to the public on Tuesday, Oct. 31. (Credit: Facebook)

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