Milky Ways Ice Cream Cereal Bar coming to Rocky Point and Hauppauge


Get ready for some hard choices, Rocky Pointers and Hauppaugians.

Milky Ways Ice Cream and Cereal Bar shared the news that they’re opening shops in your communities. And their arrival will present such dilemmas as deciding between Trix or Fruit loops, Cinnamon or French Toast Crunch, and the Cookie Monster or the Silly Rabbit.

The company, which already operates widely popular stores in Coram and Huntington, announced on Instagram that shops are coming soon to Rocky Point and Happauge. Additionally, a “Coming Soon” sign is posted in the window of the storefront next door to Michael’s in Kohl’s Plaza in Rocky Point.

Tapping into the warm and fuzzy feeling that often comes with nostalgia, Milky Ways specializes in infusing ice cream with the customer’s favorite cereal and serving it up with an array of sweet and savory toppings.

Here’s how their ordering process works:

Step 1: This will be pretty easy. You just need to pick a flavor (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) and a style (cone, dish or shake). *Dairy-free options are available.

Step 2: Now comes the hard part. You choose a cereal to blend with your ice cream. There’s Cocoa Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, Trix and more than a dozen other staples from growing up — or from the childhood you wish you had. Yes, Fruit Loops and Reese’s Puffs are also in the mix. Click here to see the whole kit and caboodle.

Step 3: Choose a topping. There’s a plethora of fruits, nuts, cookies and candy to light up your dish. Trust us, there’s everything you need. (Or you can go ahead and click on the hyperlinks above to review them all.)

Step 4: Top everything off with some drizzle. Milky Ways has seven to choose from, including chocolate, honey and caramel.

Check back with for updates on the official openings of the new Milky Ways Ice Cream Cereal Bars.

Top photo: Facebook