20 Photos: Students doused in powdered paint at Sayville schools color mile race


Sayville sure showed this weekend how it loves the smell of fresh paint in the morning.

Dowsed head to toe in non-toxic powdered paint, more than 100 students, parents and other members of the Sayville School District held a festive and colorful STRIDES mile run/walk at the Sayville Middle School Saturday morning.

Kiddos and parents soldiered on through the smoke clouds of purple, gold, green and blue until the crossed the finish rainbow. STRIDES is an acronym for Sayville’s character building and wellness initiative, Which aims to teach students self-esteem, trust, resilience, diversity, empathy and strength. 

“The theme today was to come out with your family and get some physical activity, build good self-esteem and resilience,” said Jillian Makris, the district’s director of student services and one of the event’s organizers.

Scroll down to explore 20 photos taken at the festival. Please click the numbered boxes to view them all.

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