Bagel Bites: My Three Sons and its cult-like following in the Garden City area


We asked Greater Long Island readers to name their favorite bagel shops in Nassau and Suffolk counties — and then we did our research, leaving no sesame seed behind, no raisin unturned.

From there, GLI food writer Dana Lostritto hit the highways over the course of months. And she believes she has found the very best. So here they are, in our LI Bagel Bites series. Look for more to come.

Photo: A B.E.C. on a Fresh Flat at My Three Sons (Facebook)

My Three Sons Bagels 


Garden City residents are obsessed with two things: local high school sports and bagels.

And devotion to My Three Sons Bagel Café borders on cult-like.

On a recent morning, the joint was jumping, the music was loud and the smell of fresh bagels was intoxicating. The line was long, but no matter the customer’s background or stage in life, they all seemed to be on a mission: secure that “My 3” order.

After a tour and tasting of the bagels emerging hot from the basement ovens, I better understood the obsession.

Freshly made Everything bagels at My Three Sons in Garden City. (Dana Lostritto)

These bagels are exclusively hand rolled and Lucas Maldonado, general manager at their Franklin Avenue shop, believes that what sets these bagels apart is that special hands-on approach.

“Our bagel-bakers have experienced hands,” Maldonado said. “It takes years to understand the method to work the dough and form the bagels, and our guys know how it is done.”

Owners Arduino D’Amico and his son Enrico have clearly cracked the code to bagel greatness.

Their bagels are perfectly toasty and crispy all around, subtly pleated and folded, and have a doughy yet not too airy interior.  But the best part is the solid chew factor.

This is a bagel to sink your teeth into and linger over.

Baking Bagels

Keep in mind, these are the bagels that have fueled multiple Nassau County, Long Island and state championships in multiple sports nearly every year for as far back as anyone in Garden City can remember.

Amanda, a Garden City High School alum on line next to me on a sunny Sunday morning put it best:

“The parents always catered before state championships for field hockey and lacrosse. It was the best memory. The entire team and all their parents, and it was always My 3. These bagels are it.”

So what is the go-to order Garden City kids order, time and again?

“Everything toasted, eggs, extra cheese, hash browns and ketchup,” she said.

Sandwiches rule at the Franklin Avenue location, and loose bagels by the dozen seem to be more popular at their Covert Street in Stewart Manor shop. Call and text ahead to ensure less time on the line if you are in a rush. But part of the fun is in the anticipation of that first bite.

Check out the 15 guys behind the counter rolling out BEC’s and bagels with schmears, order an Americano with an extra shot and get ready for an experience. Oh, and by the way, My Three Sons was the winner of the 2023 Newsday Bagel Battle.

Over 66,000 voters weighed in and we agree this place is tops.

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