Botox Beauty Bar in Sayville could be your fountain of youth


Jeanna Masone makes no bones about it — she’s on a crusade against aging.

“I’m not really interested in aging the same way that my mom and my grandma did,” said Masone, a board certified nurse practitioner and aesthetic artist who today, Sept. 18, at 1 p.m. will host the grand opening of her Botox Beauty Bar in Sayville.

“I’m going to fight it all the way,” she continued. “I would like to age on my own terms, and take control of aging. Do some tweaks here and there, where I feel good about myself — until the day I die.”

For three years, Masone passed on her bias against aging to her clients while operating out of a studio in West Sayville. This month, she has set up a new shop in the heart of Main Street in Sayville.

Botox Beauty Bar is on the second floor at 49 Main St., sitting above the present home of the popular Sayville Running Company and so close to popular downtown destinations like the Aegen Cafe, Starbucks, Café Joelle and Ivory & Main Bridal Shop.

Masone, 37, is excited about the heavy foot traffic going by her beauty palace, which offers botox treatments, facial fillers, threads (which is sort of a mini-facelift), micro needling and vampire facials, among other beauty and anti-aging treatments.

“Not that botox is something you’ll do on a whim or on a walk-in basis,” said the Sayville mother of three, “but maybe they’ll see my name and it will register in the memory banks that I’m local, that I’m in town and at a later point, people might want to connect with me.”

Masone believes firmly that downtown Sayville is a destination where people go when they want to invest in themselves “to look nice and feel nice.”

“There’s so many cute boutiques and spas and we have Cornucopia with great organic food,” said Masone, who earned a master’s degree in nursing from Stony Brook University and for about five years specialized in cardiology as a nurse practitioner at St. Francis Hospital.

“People are in that mind frame here of taking care of themselves,” she said. “Sayville is a destination for people to come to get ready for weddings and other events. They are health conscious and they’re appearance conscious.”

Masone is excited about showing off the new luxurious space during her grand opening event, which she’s calling a daylong open house. She secured a top violinist and arranged for special treats from Main Street’s other new kid on the block, SAYville Cheese.

The botox bar will also offer on-the-spot injection services, special pricing on beauty packages, games and raffles during the event.

Easy appointment scheduling

To schedule an appointment at Botox Beauty Bar, you can simply visit the bar’s website, and pick your service and a time. Easy peasy.

“I do anything that’s going to make you look younger,” Masone stressed. “I am a confidence builder. I really try to point out the great assets that people have, and then accentuate the beautiful features that God already gave them through subtle, little changes.”

Masone gravitated toward aesthetics, she said, because she had long wanted to do hair and makeup. With aesthetics, she found a hybrid role in which she was able to combine medicine and her passion for beauty.

“I have women who are 50, 60 and 70 years old — and they’re so beautiful and so glamorous,” Masone said. “And I don’t think people would know their age. I think that when you are so well-maintained, and you’re going to the gym for your body and doing injectables for your face, you can have control over aging.

“I’m going to do my non-invasive injectables until the time I need my facelift, and then I’ll do my facelift,” she continued. “I always want to be able to get dressed up and go out with my significant other and my friends and feel confident and attractive. I don’t think that age really has to affect beauty.”

Above photos: Courtesy images, @jordan_danielle