Flashes of double: Sayville’s senior class has 11 sets of twins


Sayville’s senior class incredibly has 11 sets of twins, according to the school district.

The group, who account for more than 10 percent of Sayville High School’s entire Class of 2024, had its last first day of school as Golden Flashes this week and was featured in a News 12 Long Island report.

Seven of the sets of twins are (brother and sister) fraternal twins. Three of the sets are sisters. In one set, both twins are boys. It’s unclear how many of the twins are identical.

The twins from the Sayville High School Class of 2024 are:

Daniel and Joseph Blanco • Abigail and Charles Breen • John and Sophia Criscuola • Angelina and Thomas DeVito • Lindsay and Taylor DiMenna • Colleen and Robert Doyle • Isabella and Olivia Gerena • Caleigh and Elizabeth Mansfield • Eilise and James Marino • Aiden and Ella Mesi • Aislinn and Erin Parrott

Twin births account for about 3 percent of live births in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health. Excluding pregnancies that result from assisted reproductive technology, fraternal twins are far more common than identical twins and account for 70 percent of all sets of twins. 

Top photo: Instagram/Sayville Public Schools