Great photos: Smithtown East honors 376 graduates at 109th commencement


Smithtown High School East celebrated the achievements of 376 graduating seniors on Wednesday during the school’s 109th commencement ceremony.

“What sets you apart, is your unwavering determination to push through, make adjustments, and keep fighting the battles that are worth fighting,” Principal Robert Rose told the 376 graduating seniors at the event, held on the school’s football field.

“Whether that be heading off to college, the military, a trade school, entering the workforce or just taking a gap year to find your path, you will all find your way,” he added.

Honor Speaker Dylan Shen, selected by his classmates to speak, told his peers what he learned most from his high school experience.

“We’re not in the same boat. We’re weathering different storms,” he said. “But, we’re in the same sea, and we sail together.”

Smithtown East photos

Smithtown Central School District Superintendent Mark Secaur lauded the achievements of the students, who enetered high school in 2020 under the chaos and uncertainty wrough by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was very impressed with your level of pride, commitment, and care to leave High School East a better place than how you found it,” he said. “You sought to leave a legacy for future students. For that, you should be proud.”

Photos: Courtesy of Smithtown schools

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