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Record Reserve Inc., Northport

best for starting a used LP collection

Record Reserve Inc. in Northport is the smallest shop in Suffolk County, but the 10-year-old store still attracts a range of shoppers. “I’m catering to the deep collectors,” Tim Clair, the shop’s owner, said. “And the people who just wanna have fun with it and come in and buy a $5 record and enjoy the hobby.”

The spare space and single staffer, long-haired Clair in a black t-shirt and blue jeans, make for an inviting atmosphere, especially for new collectors that may feel intimidated in one of the larger, more populous stores.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, Clair, was visited by two of his newest regulars: a pair of 16-year-old boys who dusted off their parents collections and caught a knack for the wax. One of them was puzzled by a copy of A Hard Day’s Night he was considering adding to his collection. Clair then taught him the differences between the U.S. version of “A Hard Day’s Night,” which he was holding, and U.K. version to which he had been accustomed.

Clair, a life-long guitarist, aims to acquire, set-up and sell second-hand guitars in his shop soon. He is beginning to dip his toes in the secondary project, with two guitars hanging in the shop awaiting some TLC.

Record Reserve will not participate in Record Store Day.

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