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Looney Tunes, West Babylon

Best for knick-knacks and autographs

From its inventory to its decorum, West Babylon’s Looney Tunes is a necessary pilgrimage for Long Island metal heads.

The entirety of the store’s first two aisles are devoted to metal CDs, and there is no shortage of metal found on freshly lathed wax.

The 50-year-old shop is famous for housing live performances and in-person signings. “That’s been pretty much a backbone of our operation the last 25 years,” said Karl Groeger Jr, who, alongside his brother Jamie, owns and operates the shop his father started.

Groeger Jr. said he hopes to get back to in-person autographs this summer.

Supporting evidence of these star-studded events are plastered throughout the store. The red walls and supporting pillars around the shop are adorned with autographed acoustic and electric guitars and signed LPs grace a beam which runs the length of the store.

Most of the signatures come from world-renowned metal acts, from Ozzy Osborne, to Megadeth, and Slipknot, to Slayer, the later of which is no longer visible. A Stratocaster that once bore the names of Tom Araya and Kerry King was engulfed in a fire at Looney Tunes’ previous location. Its blackened and melted remains are on display nonetheless at the entryway of the shop.

Every aisle and wall is also overrun with Funko pops, ReAction figures, t-shirts, posters, puzzles, books, mugs and a wealth of other giftable novelty items for any music fan.

Long Island’s largest record store in terms of square feet, Looney Tunes will carry RSD titles this year. It is also the islands oldest record store, celebrating its gold anniversary this year. Groeger has yet to set a date and announce festivities, but said he plans to have a celebration this summer or fall, and teased that “some really big, legendary artist is doing a free show for us.”

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