Take a tour of all the record stores in Suffolk County


Vinyl Bay 777 (Plainview): Best for box sets

Despite the mural of artists and band logos painted on its front-facing roll-down doors, Vinyl Bay 777 is Suffolk County’s most elusive record store, located in a commercial lot detached from the road in Plainview. Its high ceilings house one of the county’s largest record collections.

The store is a must for those who collect lavish limited edition CD or Vinyl box sets, most of which are arranged at the counter just beyond the front door.

Frank Napoli, owner of Vinyl Bay 777, said his store focuses on vintage items of all formats, including cassettes and 8-tracks. While the shop is dimly lit, collectors can still find gems in throughout the massive collection, particularly in the punk section located just left of the door. On last look, it contained several hard-to-find first pressings of punk classics.

Napoli said his six-year-old shop’s large selection of new and used hip-hop records many of his younger shoppers purchase sets his store apart from other shops as well.

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