Kings Park couple wins $8,000 wedding photography giveaway with captivating love story


Drum roll, please.

The winner of the Brides of Long Island wedding photography giveaway goes to Kings Park couple Martha Duffy and Karim McKenzie.

Their love story captured the judge’s eyes and, ultimately, tugged at their heartstrings. The couple will receive photography and videography services — a package worth around $8,000 — from Stony Brook-based Yellow House Images, Greater Long Island has learned.

Over the course of five weeks, 50 submissions were made to this contest. The rules were for newly engaged couples to submit their love story, and the most captivating one wins the coveted prize.

And the lovebirds Martha and Karim have a great one.

In the midst of quarantine, Martha was feeling lonely and searching for love when she made a connection on Bumble with a man named Karim.

They finally met in person on her 33rd birthday at a BBQ restaurant in which Karim (not knowing what she preferred) brought a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. They quickly hit it off.

“We come from very different backgrounds. I was born in a small town in Vermont and he was born in Kingston, Jamaica,” said Martha. “We have a lot in common though, we are both family and career-oriented.”

Things were going really well in their relationship, that was until Karim lost his job. It was a difficult time, the couple said, as they faced financial challenges and there were also some health challenges going on.

Karim decided they needed to get away, and they took a trip to Memphis. He told Martha to get dressed up nicely for brunch with a cultural stop first at the oldest theater in the city. Once there, he said he got us a private tour (she loves old theaters) and while she got very distracted learning the history he brought her into the empty auditorium, walked me to center stage and asked her to be his wife; all while a photographer hiding in the wings to capture the moment.

The response: instant tears, followed by an emphatic yes.

“It was beautiful and so special that even in his grief he wanted to celebrate our love!” said Martha.

And, the icing on the cake? When they got back from Memphis, he was offered his dream job! 

Now, with their dream jobs and a wedding planned for July, Martha and Karim are ready to live life and embrace each other’s worlds.

“She is such a warm loving person and I love how she embraces my world,” said Karim. “I’m 6’7” and she’s always looking out for me. Whether it’s finding the right seating, low ceilings, or tight bathrooms”.