Long Island Game Farm giraffe Bobo dies unexpectedly


In sad news, it was announced that Bobo, the reticulated giraffe at Long Island Game Farm, has passed away.

The Manorville wildlife park and zoo made the announcement via Facebook on Wednesday, Oct. 4, stating: “He died unexpectedly of heart failure. We are awaiting pathology reports from the necropsy for a definitive cause of death.”

Bobo, who was under routine care with the game farm’s veterinarian, turned 3 years old in July.

“Bobo was a wildlife ambassador for his species out in the wild,” reads more of the Facebook post. “He helped raise awareness and funds for the giraffes that need help in the wild.”

Long Islanders had the chance to meet and feed him through daily encounters.

Bobo arrived on Long Island in 2021 after the Long Island Game Farm’s last giraffe, Clifford, had been retired and moved to Florida.

Top: Bobo the giraffe at Long Island Game Farm. (Credit: Lori and Steve Biegler of LSB Photography)

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