We toured Long Island in search of five great matcha tea spots for you


Greater Long Island’s Starr Fuentes searched Long Island for the best quality matcha, or what’s known as Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

This type of matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves that contain high levels of chlorophyll, which makes these tea drinks vibrant — with a deeper shade of green than the others.

The higher levels of caffeine are also good for increased energy and acuity.

Scroll down for five spots to try.

Top: Island Kava in Massapequa. (Credit: Starr Fuentes)

New York Beanery (Amityville)

New York Beanery offers exceptional coffees and unique matcha lattes like the Purple Lavender Matcha. Embrace the community spirit with local vendors, bakery treats, and live music.

Must-try: Purple Lavender Matcha – A captivating fusion of lavender and exquisite matcha.

Island Kava (Massapequa, Patchogue)

Discover tea wonder at Island Kava. Ryan LaFlare and his brother John serve organic, freshly made matcha lattes and lemonades. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, games, and good company.

Must-try: Matcha Lemonade – A refreshing concoction to uplift your spirits.

Matcha Tea in Heaven (Smithtown)

Experience matcha paradise at Matcha Tea in Heaven! Cousins Rosemarie Uzun and Cinderella Uy serve up organic, Grade A matcha lattes sourced from Uji in Kyoto, Japan. Their energizing drinks with organic fruit flavors are a yearning fulfilled.

Must-try: Strawberry Matcha – A vibrant blend of fruity sweetness and earthy matcha goodness.

YAAAS Tea (Farmingdale, Huntington, Hauppauge, Patchogue)

Indulge in YAAAS TEA’s Matcha Slush BoBo, a delightful blend of premium Uji matcha, milk, and ice with a base of warm, chewy brown sugar boba. Experience the freshest brown sugar boba every hour.

Must-try: Matcha Slush BoBo – A matcha-infused bubble tea delight with creamy brown sugar boba.

Inhales Wellness (St. James)

At Inhales Wellness, enjoy yoga classes and the matcha bar run by Ina Visich and Halee Ruggiero. Savor their perfectly crafted matcha latte topped with cinnamon for post-yoga bliss.

Must-try: Matcha Latte Topped with Cinnamon – A soothing blend of matcha and aromatic cinnamon.