4th World Comics opens new discount warehouse location in St. James


One of Long Island’s largest comic book shops is growing its footprint to sell its Hulk-sized back inventory.

4th World Comics unveiled a “secret” secondary spot via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Feb. 2.

The unit, Suite 3A at 2 Flowerfield Rd. in St. James, cannot compare to 4th World’s giant-sized Smithtown store. However, it is just as crammed with goodies for casual fans and collectors.

“We had too much overstock,” owner Terrence Fischette said. “It was all over my garage and I literally had no room for anything else.”

“There’s like 120 long boxes of 50-cent books there, we still have 60 more going there,” he added. “There’s some discount books, some toys here and there, a couple statues.”

The stash is loaded with older titles from Marvel, DC and indie publishers. Hunters and browsers are welcomed to grab a few issues, splurge on 100 comics for $40, or go all-in on a full long box for $85.

Fischette’s father, Glenn Fischette, who started 4th World in 1988 before retiring three years ago, is currently managing the site.

“Why have it sitting there when people like some of this stuff?” Glenn Fischette said of the warehouse goods.

For now, he plans to keep open the discount site Wednesdays, from noon-3 p.m.

Taking up the mantle

Soon after Glenn Fischette opened his comic book shop more than three decades ago, “Batman” starring Michael Keaton hit theaters. Seizing an opportunity, he said he bought out a showing and gave away tickets to his customers.

While the era of the superhero blockbuster progressed — and ultimately exploded — the comic book mogul said his business kept performing better, year after year.

Now in his son’s hands, he said 4th World’s business will continue to grow as Terrence Fischette boosts the shop’s digital presence.

“Since Terrence took over, he’s been doing a lot of stuff. He’s got Instagram, Twitter, all that stuff that I never did, he’s building up the website. He’s taking it to the next level,” he said.