Five things to know about The Hero Joint, brand-new to Bay Shore


The Hero Joint is now fully open in downtown Bay Shore, across from St. Patrick’s on West Main Street. The gourmet specialty sandwich shop first opened to fanfare in Patchogue in 2018.

And the Bay Shore location carries the same menu for hot and cold sandwiches.

For locals who hadn’t trekked east for these killer sandwiches, here are five things to know.

artisan bread

Lobster rolls will be available each summer at The hero Joint in Bay Shore.

The Hero Joint only uses artisan bread made by a small-batch bakery in Suffolk County, not a massive factory, says owner John Murray, III. This vendor also supplies many of Newsday’s Top 100 restaurants, he says. And this baker supplies all the bread, including the hero rolls, multigrain buns, sourdough, marbled sourdough and rye. The Hero Joint also offers wraps in whole wheat and spinach herb.

then there’s the meats

Much of The Hero Joint’s meat is roasted in-house, “and we don’t use any national brands,” Murray says, preferring to get much of his meat from New York City. “But we’re free agents,” he added, “so if I ever find something better and tastier, I’m going to get it.” He’s also a huge fan of his own smash-hit chicken salad, made from rotisserie chicken that’s roasted and shred in house, then mixed with grapes and dill.

small bird cutlets

John Murray, III, shows off his small bird cutlets in the Chicken Club.

Murray announced in March that THJ is now exclusively using top-grade chicken cutlets from smaller birds. “Most commercially available chicken that gets distributed is harvested from larger chickens,” Murray explained. “They’re plumped up big and give you nice, big cutlets,” he noted, but they also tend to be rubbery at times, dry, or tough. “You never want a tough piece of chicken,” he said. And you never will at The Hero Joint.

meat-bread ratios

The Hero Joint boasts protein-packed sandwiches meant to keep you full.

“We don’t believe in bread sandwiches where you have a drop of meat in the middle,” Murray often says. At The Hero Joint, while the bread is premium, the meat is always the star of the sandwich. The way it aughta be. “I’ve designed these sandwiches to be filling, especially if you’re somebody who works on your feet all day,” he tells us. “These sandwiches will keep you full for hours.” And that’s because the bread to meat ratio is on point.

beers on tap

A lobster roll and summer craft beer pairing at The Hero Joint

Yes, fans to sit-down munching, there will be beer on tap at The Hero Joint in Bay Shore, as soon as they get their beer and wine liquor license. It’s not like at a local deli where you have to grab a bottle to drink on a bench. “We will have a rotation of crafty, tasty beers we’ll change seasonally. But don’t worry, we’ll also have Bud Light,” Murray said.

Call 631-636-0500 for Hero Joint catering inquiries. Tap here for the menu.

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